Thai Street Food Review

Thai street food is such a significant part of Thai traditions and so reflective of life at street level that you can’t understand and appreciate the lifestyle of common Thai people without savouring it. Announcements of a ban on street hawkers got many fans of Thai street food worried. Will they stay on? Will they disappear? Nobody knows. Thai Street Food by David Thompson is a rare coffee table book touching on this topic.

Chicken Poppers (popcorn chicken) With Salted Egg & Curry Leaves

Kids love chicken poppers or popcorn chicken, but they make get tired of dipping it in ketchup. Try some exotic flavours from salted egg and curry leaves.

White Carrot Cake

I have a preference for black variety, but it’s good to try out the white variety once in a while. I was so used to the black variety during my childhood days that when I first tried the white variety later in life, the difference in flavours and ingredients became very obvious to me. Of course, there are many varieties of black/white chye tau kway that use almost the same ingredients except for the black sauce. My perception of the white variety is demonstrated in the video above.