Hawking Woes

Don’t just blame the government. This country is full of kiasu, kiasi, gian png, cheapskate, class conscious people who refuse to give hawkers the respect they deserve.

Homemade Pizza

It’s really not difficult to make your own pizza. First, you need to make the dough. Here, I mix flour with water, sugar, salt and yeast. Add the water gradually and keep kneading until you get this consistency. Then place it in your refrigerator and let it rise for about 2 hours.

The picture below shows a very simple pure cheese pizza. I have two cheeses here – a cheddar and a mozzarella. Sprinkle the cheese flakes over the dough which has been flattened against a non-stick springform baking mould. The dough should only be about half a cm thick.

Homemade Pizza

Bake at 240 deg C for 15 minutes and you should get the beautiful results you see above. Do try this yourself. Your kids will love it.

Spicing Up Crabstick

Crabstick is actually fish meat and I’ve never been a big fan of eat. Most people use it in soups and that makes it even less palatable. Below is a picture of crabstick which I’ve treated my way.

Black Pepper Crabstick

First, you defrost the crabstick. Heat up some oil in a wok. Add black pepper fry the crabstick for a minute. Add a teaspoon of sugar, a tablespoon of light soy sauce, a tablespoon of ketchup and we’re done.