Chan’s Homemade Bread

The ingredients are exactly the same as that for pizza crust. I had a dash of salt and sugar added to flour and water, rolled into a dough with a packet of baker’s yeast.

The crust is a bit hard, but the inside is wonderfully soft. It exudes a wonderful aroma when hot.

Butterfly Cut White Fish

You won’t believe where this fish comes from. It’s a freshwater fish hails from Lake Toba and it tastes nothing like sutchi or pangasius.

It’s really simple to prepare. Just season with salt and black pepper, fry on both sides and drizzle a bit of lime juice over it. Tastes superb but costs quite a bit more than glamorised Mekong catfish.

Pak Choy In Oyster Sauce

This is an unbelievably simple yet tasty dish. The crunchy succulence of the pak choy stems and the juicy leaves really make this a cheap and nutritious treat.

1. Fry garlic
2. Toss in washed and cut pak choy
3. Add half a cup water
4. Add oyster sauce and a little sugar
5. Add corn starch and cooking wine