Eating Snake

Eating snake means to skive in Hokkien. Of course, the Chinese do have a number of snake recipes. In fact, many people consider it a delicacy.

Traditional Chinese medical texts recorded that snake soup has a number of medicinal benefits, including blood nourishment, improvement of skin quality and increase in one’s qi or energy levels.

The video below shows how two Vietnamese boys prepare a python for the pot.

I’ve tried snake dishes before. I can say that the soup is better than the meat.

Bizarre Asian Food

Baked Rat Meat!

I’ve had the opportunity to taste rat meat while trekking in Mae Hong Son, Thailand. The Karen family I was staying with offered me some tom yam rat. I had some of the soup, but I didn’t feel like trying the rat meat.

The video below shows a Vietnamese lady and her brother doing grilled rat. I won’t mind trying this!

The next video shows steamed rat seasoned with Coke! I don’t think I’m too keen on trying this.