Is This Even Balinese?

Perhaps they don’t even deserve a mention, but for a video that already has more than 136k views, sharing it with my tiny group of fans here won’t make much difference.

Jade Raif and her less famous sister created a “Bali Food Vlog”, or so they claim.

The trouble with this vlog is so ridiculously obvious. There is absolutely nothing Balinese about the food that the sisters had in Bali! They could have had the same stuff in any upmarket resort in Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines or even India. There is nothing authentically Balinese about the video – not even the beach workout. It’s a total insult to the Balinese people’s rich and exotic cuisine. Sadly, in an age that worships conspicuous consumption, substance doesn’t count.

In case you’re wondering what Balinese food is really like, take a look over here

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