Chan’s Oriental Pizza

Not being a fan of ham or salami, I’m one of those who like an oriental twist to pizzas. Here is one of my many versions. This one uses spicy shrimp paste readily available at any supermarket in Singapore.


The first thing you do is of course open the can and spread out the shrimp paste on your pizza dough. I have yeast and sugar in this dough and had allowed it to ferment for a little over an hour.


Spread out the shrimp paste as you would spread mayonnaise on bread. This layer will give your pizza its oriental character – spicy and savoury.


The next thing you do is to sprinkle some sliced capsicum and grated cheese on top of the dough. It’s that simple. Pop it into the oven, 240 deg C for about 18 minutes.


And here you it – Chan’s oriental pizza. It has an interesting blend of flavours that will tantalise the taste buds of those who don’t fancy the bland and conventional pizzas.

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