Tasty & Healthy Vege

Chinese cabbage is one of my favourite vegetables. It’s not only delicious, it looks downright gorgeous when fried with carrots and peas.

The method is quite straightforward. First, fry garlic in oil, toss in the vegetables. Fry until soft. I normally use oyster sauce and a bit of sugar for seasoning this dish. In this instance I used seasoning powder Hao Chi. Add a dash of Chinese cooking wine and you’ll have this fragrant and nourishing vegetable dish.


Those of you who have been trekking in Nepal will be familiar with this dish. It’s tasty, easy to cook and highly nutritious. I know some of you pampered trekkers would be sick of dhal baat after a week of it. But always remember that it feeds the fiercest fighters in the world!

The main ingredient is of cause the humble cauliflower which is really cheap. A bunch of it that feeds the family should cost about $2. Cut out into small buds with a pair of scissors, chop up some carrots. If you have peas, use peas. I didn’t have them here, so I just slice up some green capsicum and we’re ready to go.

Fry garlic and mustard seeds till popping fragrant. Lower heat, then add turmeric powder, chilli powder, cumin powder and coriander powder. Toss in the vegetables, stir fry till soft, add a teaspoon of salt and you’re done.