Chan’s Char Bee Hoon Breakfast

There is an inherent conflict of interest that prevents hawkers from providing the best possible food for the customer. You want the best ingredients. The hawker’s main focus is minimum cost and maximum returns.


In my char bee hoon, I use the best and most expensive fish cake from the supermarket. I’m also generous with the vegetables. The eggs I use are also the highest quality, low cholesterol eggs. The bee hoon is soaked in cold water, not in hot water which swells the bee hoon and makes it soggy.

For me, the bee hoon must be uncooked when it enters the wok. Cooking it this way give the bee hoon a nice chew and texture while soggy, even slushy stuff is often sold outside.

Protein is expensive and often lacking in the food sold outside – especially at budget eateries. When you cook at home, you control the ingredients and get what you deserve.

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