All Time Favourite


Yong tau foo! It’s an all time favourite at Dr Chan’s Kitchen. I do in a way quite similar to the famous Ampang Yong Tau Foo at Sembawang, that is kangkong and gravy. I normally leave out the deep fried crispies on top. Anyway, I don’t remember seeing those in the past.


For the gravy, I like to use my favourite oyster sauce. Add it to water with a fried garlic, light soy sauce, sugar, then thicken with potato starch and cooking wine. I’ve also tried using salted beans, but oyster sauce still tastes better.

I have a little secret to cooking the kangkong to make it tastier. Before I thicken the gravy, I boil the kangkong in it. If you were to boil the kangkong in water and then drizzle thick gravy over it, the flavours won’t seep in or they may get diluted.

Alternatively, I guess you could boil your kangkong in salt water as you would pasta.

Roasting Chicken With Rice Cooker

This is really novel. I’ve used my rice cooker to cook a lot of things including hot pot and stir fry, but “roasting” (more like baking) is still something new. Definitely must try, but then, where am I going to cook my rice?