The Morning After

The morning after the announcement of DORSCON Orange for the Wuhan epidemic. Check out the rice section.


Almost empty. The pasta and noodles section has also been cleaned out.


Check out the ready to eat section. Almost empty.


Fortunately, the majority of people don’t know how to cook. There’s still a lot of unprocessed meat left on the shelf. It really pays to know how to cook.


Fake Abalone

It’s fashioned like abalone, but it’s actually made from fish meat. The exact ingredients are not mentioned, but it tastes just as good as the real thing. Only the texture is a bit softer.

I’ve fried it with oyster sauce, hua diao wine, garlic and a pinch of sugar.


Pak Boong Fai Daeng

I seldom cook kangkong this way. In Singapore, we usually fry it with sambal belacan. In Thailand, kangkong is fried with salted beans, garlic and chilli. A different taste, equally nice.