Covid-19 Comfort Food – Boiled Peanuts

I’m not particularly fond of pasar malam food – not even Ramly burger. The thing I usually buy (if at all) is boiled peanuts. After a few attempts, I’ve finally figured out how to make perfectly soft and tasty boiled peanuts. Try this yourself.

Grilled Shishamo

Most people would fry this egg-filled fish with batter. I have a better way. Grill with olive oil. The results are comparable with deep frying. Once the grilling is done, just drizzle some light soy sauce and lemon juice over the fish and you’re done.

Sea Bass Solution

Many people don’t like sea bass. That’s because there are only two ways to make it good – garlic lime (Thai style) or grilled. For Thai style, you’d need to prepare the “soup” which comprises crushed garlic, fish sauce, chilli, lime juice, sugar and water. Once the soup is boiling, you can slide the fish into the boiling soup.

If you had made deep cuts into the fish, you should be able to tell if the meat is cooked. Cook on both sides, then sprinkle a generous amount of crushed cilantro.