It’s All In The Sauce

Roasting chicken is never easy and especially so when you don’t have time and the bird is still frozen. That’s why I often skip the seasoning and roast the bird plain. Anyway, how much flavour can you get into meat with the skin still intact? It works for chicken wings because they are thin or drumsticks/chicken fillet without intact skin. What a whole chicken? Some people have suggested puncturing the skin with toothpicks before seasoning. With those tiny holes? I doubt it.

Frankly, I think seasoning whole chickens is a waste of time. After roasting, I would strip and shred the meat from the bones. For thick chunks of breast meat, I would even flatten and separate the strands of meat.

Then I prepare the sauce. Depending on my mood, they can come in different flavours. My most common recipes is black pepper sauce. For this, I would fry up some garlic, then add enough water (usually 3/4 mug). Then I would grind up some black pepper, add light soy sauce, a couple of spoonfuls of A1 sauce, a bit of sugar and then thicken up with cornstarch.

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