Beef Rendang

Candlenut is seldom available in neighbourhood stores or supermarkets, so there’s every excuse to buy the “pre-formulated” rendang seasoning. With this Indonesian brand from Indofood (readily available at Ang Mo Supermarket), preparing beef rendang is a breeze. All you need to do is to heat up a bit of the mix (liquid) with oil until aroma fills your kitchen, then add water and beef cubes. Be sure to add enough water because after boiling, you need to simmer for 1.5-2 hours! Yes, that’s how long rendang takes if you want the strands of beef to just pull off. Make sure you start off with a sufficient amount of water or remember to add more water was the mixture dries up. There is no salt or coconut milk required. It’s all in there already.


Asam Fish

The ikan bawal that we often come across in Indonesian makan places is usually the black pomfret and the most common way of doing it is to bakar or to grill. White pomfret is almost exclusively used for Chinese (Teochew style) steaming. It is also the most expensive of the 3 types of pomfret – white, grey and black.

For grey and black pomfret, there is another excellent way of cooking them – with asam. For this dish, I used a special fish curry mix that I bought in Malaysia. You can check it out over here but I doubt they ship to Singapore.

To turn this curry into an asam, just mix a large spoonful of asam sauce and some sugar into the mix. I’m not sure if other brands of fish curry mixes work as well.

Lady’s Fingers (Okra)

There is nothing wrong with the slime in okra. I just can’t understand why some people can’t stand it and come up with recipes to cook slime-free okra. To me, the best way to cook the tastiest okra or lady’s fingers is to fry thin slices with sambal.

This must be one of the easiest dishes known to man. Just heat up a bit of oil, fry under high heat and a bit of water a couple of minutes, add a bit of sambal and light soy sauce and we’re done.