Honey Garlic Chicken Wings

It may look complicated, except that it’s not. First, you simply bake your chicken wings in an oven until the skin is slightly brown. After that, toss the baked chicken wings into a heated pot. Add honey, chopped garlic, chopped ginger, sambal chilli, light soy sauce. Keep the heat low so the honey doesn’t burn.

Get the chicken wings well coated and glossy and you’re done.

One Minute Lockdown Dish

After seeing my beef rendang, you may think that it takes hours to cook beef. Well, it depends on which part you’re cooking. Cubes for stewing can really take up to 2 hours. For thin beef slices, it takes literally one minute.

This is stir-fried beef slices with black pepper sauce. Before frying, mix the beef slices with cornstarch. Next, heat up some oil, toss in the beef slices, then for this amount of beef, perhaps 1 tablespoon full of black pepper sauce.

Add a bit of water, stir rapidly and you’re done in one minute.

One Minute Lockdown Dish

This is my favourite one-minute dish. Yes, literally one-minute if you have a roaring gas stove. Some oil, some garlic, then throw in the qing long vegetable (a kind of chive) and stir fry rapidly. It should be done within a minute. Turn off the heat and drizzle light soy sauce. It’s that simple.