Sweet Sour Spicy Fish

This is another one of mine and my kids’ favourites. It’s not too difficult to prepare. First, fry the one-inch think batang fish slices in oil. Once both sides are browned, drain excess oil and add about a cup of water.

Into the water, throw in some fried shallots, add a couple of teaspoons of sugar and asam sauce, about 4 teaspoons of light soy sauce over the fish slices, add sliced chilli padi according to taste. Boil for 5 minutes and you’re done.

Lahore Masala Fried Fish

Spice combinations can be very tricky when it comes to South Asian cuisine. Some of the spices can be rare or rarely used and you may not want to stock up a big bag of each item lest they grow mouldy over time. Fortunately, even Indians use premixed spices. This combo is called Lahori masala fish and I got it from the food section at Mustafa Centre.

It’s practically idiot-proof. Just season with the spices (with lime juice added) and fry. The fish is fragrant and very flavourful.


Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay, chef from hell. He’s got some really interesting recipes in this book. And it’s not just Western dishes. He’s got Asian dishes here as well. The theme here is quick meals. The dishes featured can all be done in under 30 minutes. Speed is key, whether you’re a chef in a restaurant or someone preparing meals for the family.