Pure Italian Prawn Pasta

This Italian episode comes in 2 parts, so that’s why I’m embedding them to share on my blog.

Hong Kong is truly a cosmopolitan place. There are authentic Italian wines and food products in Hong Kong. Check out this Italian supermarket. Culinary expert Chua Lam goes shopping for Italian ingredients to prepare some dishes at home. As you can see, he really knows his Italian food. Gambero rosso sounds so exotic. The shrimp powder and shrimp oil seem to be quite proprietary. I’m not sure where to get them. Should try it some day. Italian fish sauce? You’d better believe it. The wine, the ice cream … heavenly.

Back home and into the kitchen. Mr Chua shows us a very interesting way to cook pasta, but where to get that secret ingredient? Mr Chua keeps stressing that fresh ingredients are forgiving. As long as the ingredients are good, cooking will not be challenging. I’m not really a dessert person but the durian “bomb” is really interesting.

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