Kyrgyz Pilaf

I know this is probably not the real thing. I did it before I even got to Kyrgyzstan, but after checking out a couple of YouTube videos, I decided to imitate. I’ll taste the real thing and make adjustments accordingly when I come back.

First thing, fry onions with spices until everything is nice and fragrant.

Sliced onions

The chicken drumsticks have been marinating overnight. I’ve only used salt and turmeric.

Frying chicken

Just fry until the skin is slightly brown. It doesn’t have to cook through until the next step. Add water and boil with carrots until “blood” begins to ooze from the chicken.

Chicken stewed with carrots

Finally, I added basmati rice. Don’t ask me how much water/rice. I go by feel and instinct.

Basmati rice added

Place the lid on and cook under low heat for about 30 minutes. You can add raisins at any time. I prefer to add them just before the rice is done.

Kyrgyz Pilaf Done

The dish resembles dum briyani. The chicken, cooked under rice is tender and juicy. The influence of this Persian dish has spread beyond the extent of the Persian Empire. It’s especially popular with nomads who don’t carry too many utensils around.

Kyrgyz Pilaf
Adding Value To Cheap Whisky

Nobody knows food and drinks like Chua Lam. I learned a valuable lesson here. You can turn a cheap whisky into something that tastes high end by adding some sherry to it. I agree that sherry tastes like 女儿红.

Back to food, I don’t mind trying out that hello tofu.

Commercial Afghan Pulao

Their stove needs more power.