Thai Street Food

While there are food business empires in Thailand, street food and even small restaurants in the Land of Smiles are often family businesses. Check out this super creative sizzling phad Thai, gai yang (grilled chicken) and fruit salad. Most phad Thai is cooked like Hokkien mee but this version uses very little liquid. I’m interested in trying it out. Just like phad Thai, there are many variations of gai yang. The one shown here depends a lot on the sauce. Fruit salads in Thailand are often sold with a heavy does of sweet and spicy sauce. This stall doesn’t seem to have that. Finally, “enhanced instant noodles”. Must be a relatively new concept I’ve not come across it in all my years travelling to Thailand.

Humble Dim Sum Eateries

It may surprise many people, but in spite of his status, Chua Lam actually prefers humble eateries like this to the more classy, upmarket places.

Eating Salmon Raw

I would only eat salmon raw when I find them in Japanese restaurants. This debate about whether salmon can be used for sashimi was ignited some years back when Singaporean food connoisseur Chua Lam made a controversial remark that we should never eat salmon raw. He faced massive backlash and criticism, but as usual, he was quite right.

To be exact, one should never eat any kind of salmon raw, especially those we find in the supermarket. Not all salmon are the same. Only sashimi grade salmon is safe to eat raw. Unfortunately, many Singaporeans don’t know that and I have come across raw salmon served at sushi places that smell fishy. Some of these waitresses and sales assistants here even “correct” my pronunciation for salmon. It goes to show how poorly informed the general public is.