Prawn Pasta

Chua Lam shopping for Italian food to prepare some dishes at home. Italian fish sauce? You’d better believe it.

A very interesting way to cook pasta, but where to get that secret ingredient? Perhaps I could adapt my own method and ingredients.

Eating Fresh

Most people don’t think much of freshwater fish, but these 6 types of freshwater fish are also the most highly prized and priced in Malaysia. Have you tried them before?

Sweet & Succulent Clams

Clams are not cheap these days, but some of us are simply addicted to it. The good news, they really easy to cook. You require zero skills. To begin, soak the clams in water for about 6 hours to get the creatures to spit out the sand. Next, prepare your wok with oil, ginger, chilli, light soy sauce (just a few drops) and spring onion. Note that it’s easy to overseason as the clams are already a bit salty. Once everything is heated up, toss in the clams and add Chinese cooking wine. Once the contents start to boil, it’s time to watch out for the clam opening. They all open at different times. Pick out those that have opened first and set them aside. In this way, you won’t overcook your clams. Once the last clam opens, you’ll have a wonderful dish of clams done just right and a broth so tasty that you won’t want to waste a single drop.