Challenging Ingredients

This is a new market in Laos called Huay Din Kob as the YouTuber, a Laotian woman found out from the vendor. As you can see, the ingredients can be quite unfamiliar to most of us, especially the rat. I’ve tasted rat meat cooked in tom yam in Mae Hong Son before, but it would be challenging to cook it myself. It takes great courage to put a rat into the pot. The rat seller claimed that the rats are wild.

What about the eels, catfish, tiny shrimp and crustaceans? The Lao people have their own ways to cook these things. What sort of seasoning would you use?

Your Goose Is Cooked

Actually, I’ve never been impressed by any goose dish so far. It’ll be nice if I have the chance to try this.

The Right Way To Cook Prawns

My really love prawns, but I would normally make asam prawns or butter garlic prawns. The Chinese way that I’m familiar with is to boil or steam it. Must try this and compare it with drunken prawns or perhaps use Hua Diao wine instead of beer.