Fried Dace In Black Beans

You must be very familiar with this canned food. Most of us eat it with porridge, but it works with spaghetti too. This is a convenient spaghetti dish that I used to make quite often. However, I just discovered that canned Fried Dace in Black Beans has quite a bit of trans fats in in it. Well, no harm if it’s just once in a while.

Anyway, here it is:

Just open a can of fried dace, mince the fish and heat it up in a microwave. Boil some spaghetti for 10 to 15 minutes, toss it with the minced fish and black beans. A bit like 炸酱面.

Eat in moderation. Contains traces of trans fats.

Lucky Plaza Nasi Lemak

This unpretentious nasi lemak comes from a stall located in the basement of Lucky Plaza (not the Asian Food Mall but the less posh place next to the winter wear shop). I normally have this for breakfast, but the fried chicken wings are often not ready at that hour.

This is lunch. They have several set meals for you to choose from. This is set 2 at $3.50 only (no 20centts “surcharge” for taking away). There’s chicken wing, ikan kuning, otah and egg omelette. Not gourmet stuff but satisfying and tasty.

Chicken Rice at EAT

The laksa and fishball noodles at EAT are always good. I tried out the white chicken rice today and realised why it’s not popular. OK, to be fair, I must say that the chicken is passable, but the quantity is really miserable. The rice is too soft and apart from a bit of lemongrass, there is practically no taste or fragrance of authentic chicken rice. Sorry, no photo, but I guess everyone knows what chicken rice looks like.