Japanese Cuisine in Macau

Fine dining in Japan or in an authentic Japanese restaurant in Macau is rather different experience from that in Western restaurant. The chef cooks in full view of the diners. There can also be some friendly interaction. This is superb.

Genuine wasabi is also shown here. The real thing is very expensive. Those we have in in the less upmarket places is mustard dyed green.

Breakfast in Chua Lam’s “royal” suite with some interesting gadgets. The suite looks good enough to house a dozen concubines. One of the ladies confessed that she can visualise almost anything as food. Chua Lam confessed that he gets this feeling when he looks at her. No wonder this show had to be dubbed in Mandarin and shown late at night. I’m not sure if they censored that part.

Next, an elaborate Japanese tea ceremony followed by Chinese food. The steamed egg with clams looks very interesting. This is followed by a trip to a very upmarket Thai restaurant whose Thai food doesn’t seem very authentic.

Finally, fusion food combining European and Chinese themes. No authenticity to talk about here, but the chef and Japanese cult leader lookalike obviously knows his stuff.

Commenters on YouTube asked Chua Lam why he found two bimbos for this show. I guess it’s a deliberate arrangement to make him stand out and also to make the show sexier.