Galilee Spaghetti

I’ve heard and seen a lot of bad reviews with regards to this “library” food. I took these opinions seriously at first, but something didn’t seem right. So many folks at the library were ordering their spaghetti.

I’ve tried out the seafood spaghetti at 2 different outlets. One at Queenstown and one at Sengkang. The one at Sengkang is a bit better, but they both tasted OK. In fact, I would rate the one at Sengkang (inside Compasspoint) as good. The sauce is sweet and flavourful. The seafood is real. The spaghetti may not quite appeal to those who want it al dente.

For $7.50 (probably for a limited period only) you get a spaghetti and a Snapple. A good deal. Probably even better than some of the stuff they serve at the foodcourt on the same floor.

So the next time you go to the library, don’t hesitate to try out the food at Cafe Galilee. It’s actually not bad at all.