Chicken Stew For Christmas

This is one complicated-looking dish which is actually very simple and requires little to skill to prepare. Chicken stew. For Christmas, I’ve decided to cook it in tomato puree – just to get a colour that suits the occasion.

First and foremost the chicken and the tomato puree. I’ve used skinned drumsticks here. It’s OK to use breast meat, but drumstick goes better with stews.

Next, the vegetables. I’ve used carrots, celery and potatoes here. Very simple, just cut them up into manageable pieces.

Dump everything in, bring to a boil and sprinkle some Italian herbs.

Butter and salt to taste. Simmer for two hours and this is what you’ll get.

Doesn’t it look like a curry? Well, it’s not spicy and the kids will love it. And here’s another thing my kids love even though I don’t eat pork.

This is supposed to be a low sodium bacon. I sure hope it’s healthier. Anyway, the kids loved it, but remember, consume in moderation. I only buy bacon on festive occasions.

Besides bacon, I also made some steak and sausages. Check out this video.

So here’s how you can make some quick and simple Christmas or New Year dishes for the family. Why queue for hours outside some restaurant that’s not even good?

© Chan Joon Yee