Beef Hor Fun

Beef hor fun is probably one of the hardest dishes to satisfy me with. The other day, when I was at Kovan, rude and indifferent staff at a few of the outlets at Heartland Mall sent me to Xin Wang, just next to the mall. The staff was very friendly, so I decided to order my favourite test dish, beef hor fun.

They were so nice that I didn’t even wait to taste the hor fun before I signed up for membership. I figured that if Hock Lam Beef Noodles have deteriorated so badly and the folks at Heartland Mall act like they can do without my business, this place would be my regular haunt.

OK, the hor fun was very well-done. Not too oily, not scattered all over. The egg was a little overcooked for this sort of hor fun. I expected something almost raw. Taste wise, the noodles were also great. The gravy was sweet and fragrant. However, the major disappointment came from the beef!

It’s tough and not even hot. It tasted like they have been pre-fried, refrigerated and then just used like a garnish over the noodles. Yao mo gao chor ah? Major failure. Makes me wonder if I should just put up with a bit of “humble pie” and go to the rude people.