Hakka Salt Baked Chicken

Frying that salt is some serious workout! There are many ways to make salt baked chicken. However, this dish is widely believed to have originated from the Hakka people. The salt baked chicken you see below was bought. They claim to have used ginseng to marinate the chicken. It’s $17.50 for this medium sized chicken. The ingredients are not too expensive, but it’s the time and fuel/energy costs that makes this dish so difficult to prepare. Nevertheless, I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t like it.

How did it taste? A bit salty as salt baked chicken should be. The meat was nice, tender and very flavourful. The breast portion a bit dry, but should be OK after dipping in the juices. Not much of juices unfortunately.

Below is a totally different, Malaysian way of doing it. Not sure which one tastes better.