Gutter Oil Comes To Singapore?

The NEA said that there are about 60 companies licensed to collect waste oil in Singapore, and they are required to use a vacuum truck to collect the oil. The environment agency said that there have not been any reported cases of hawkers using “gutter oil” for cooking in the last five years.

Gutter oil has been shown to be very toxic, and can cause diarrhea and abdominal pain. There are also reports that long-term consumption of the oil can lead to stomach and liver cancer as well as developmental disabilities in newborns and children.

A very famous video showing the collection, production and trade of gutter oil in China. Has this business come to Singapore?

It’s always safer to cook and eat at home. Check us out for ideas and inspiration for home-cooking. Of course, you’re welcome to share your ideas too. Coming up towards the end of March, Nepalese food.

Hawker Leaks

Unwashed, insecticide laced vegetables. Improperly stored sauces and condiments. Former SMRT blogger Gintai has insider’s information on hawker food preparation. Here are some of the perils of eating out – especially at economical rice stalls.

Read all about it here. More reasons to cook your own and check out this blog regularly for ideas.

Curry Curry Night

I have no special preference. Almost any brand of curry paste will do. Try not to get curry powder.

Again, coconut milk is an absolute must. You can try healthier substitutes, but it won’t taste as good.

Chicken drumstick. Other parts are OK, I just prefer drumstick for the texture and succulence.

Lemongrass is optional, but I would rather have it. It adds a nice fragrance to the curry.

No special preference as far as potatoes go. I just pick something that looks good.

As usual, olive oil is used. I fry some shallots in it. Then, I put in the lemongrass.

The chicken goes in next, followed by the curry paste. The mixture is fried until everything is nice and fragrant.

In goes the water. I prefer to add the potatoes a little later. Mashed potatoes don’t go well with this dish.

In goes the coconut milk. The colour turns creamy brown. The aroma becomes even richer. I’ve skimmed out the orange oil over here.

Here’s the baguette that goes very well with curry chicken. Buy it as fresh as possible. Warm it a little before serving.

© Chan Joon Yee