Neighbourhood Chef Mushroom Theme

Neighbourhood Chef 2 邻里厨王 2 – Ep 10 by 27ryantan

This is the episode with mushroom as its theme. Of course, I wasn’t there to taste the dishes, but I seriously doubt that apple sauce would work with mushrooms. The comment from the judges that the Vietnamese lady’s fried mushroom spring roll is tasteless, however, doesn’t seem fair. Take a look at the following picture of Vietnamese spring roll which I had at a Vietnamese restaurant in Hang Dong, Thailand.

Vietnamese Spring Roll

What’s inside? Egg, rice noodles, carrot, cucumber, basil and mint. This is standard and authentic Vietnamese fare. Like all Vietnamese spring rolls, the stuffing is positively bland. This dish simply has to go with the sauce. Complaining that this spring roll is tasteless without the dipping sauce is like saying that sashimi is tasteless without soya sauce and wasabi.

Having said that, I would probably have liked the mushroom noodles best too.

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