Beef Noodles

This is Crystal Jade’s beef noodles. The beef is boiled, not fried. Nice and tender – not overcooked. The sauce is also pretty good. Overall, quite a healthy dish.

The only problem? The noodles are too soggy and overcooked.

Mango Dumpling

Wrapped in bamboo leaves, this “dumpling” from Crystal Jade My Bread may fool you. But make no mistake about it, this is a mango dessert in dumpling clothing.

There’s no glutinuous rice here, of course. Instead, you’ll find some sort of a mango mousse or pudding hidden inside the bamboo leaves. The texture is just nice. It’s neither soggy nor tough. A plastic spoon will cut through easily, but it doesn’t stick like ice cream.

I expected it to be sickly sweet, but to my pleasant surprise, it’s not. There are bits of nata sprinkled all over the “dumpling” and that gives some chew to this otherwise melty dessert. Nice taste, not too greasy or filling, but the mango flavour is a tad artificial. The colour is also a bit more durian than mango. $2.80 each.

I would still go for it once in a while.