Crunchy Lettuce Stems

Lettuce stems are tasty and very economical. A pair of these stems cost under $2. They are also very easy to prepare, require little to no skill.


First of all, you’d need to remove the fibrous sheath of the lettuce stems. Once you’ve removed the outer sheath, it should look something like this.


Next, slice the stems diagonally. Some folks like it paper thin, but I prefer slices about 0.5cm thick.


I fry this like any vegetable. First the garlic in oil, then the stems go in with oyster sauce and a bit a sugar for seasoning. Finally a bit of Chinese cooking wine.


The stems are crunchy and very flavourful. Do try this at home.

Cajun Grilled Chicken

This is one very simple dish that everyone can do. Just season your chicken pieces with cajun seasoning powder than you can find in any supermarket and grill or roast at high heat. 30 mins give you well cooked chicken. If you want the flesh to just peel off from the bones, grill under slightly lower heat for 1 hour.

Green Curry Chicken

Green curry paste is not easy or convenient to prepare, so I would normally just buy the ready-mixed paste. What makes it taste better than the average green curry chicken made from ready-mixed paste is the addition of basil leaves, carrots, oyster mushroom and fish sauce.